Shannon Walls


Shannon is the most entertaining and charasmatic front man of any band around. He knows how to engage an audience from start to finish, and has a natural gift when the spotlight is on! His vocal skills push every genre to its limits and his energy is simply contagious!

LL O'Neil


LL is the beauty to the beasts on stage. Everything from stunning looks to a sultry sweet voice. The Rock Goddess and Keytar Slayer! She brings a dynamic that will leave you speechless and wanting more!

David Taylor


The man plays with his own style, has a guitar for every occasion, and a sound that is undeniably his own. Ready to party and push everyone to have a great time!

Blake Taylor


Plays like a prodigy and a savant, the most talented bass player in the area. Have your mind blown away when you find out how old he is and how long he's been playing!

Blake Narron


Yes - there are 2 "Blake"s in the band, But the drummer is the better looking one! Keeping the rhythm and groove as solid as a pulse and heartbeat (unless he drops a stick ..)