This band was literally formed by three grown men sitting around discussing their dreams and desire to play live music for the masses.  Each of them having full time jobs, families, community commitments, and other engagements. There was only one option, to do it "on the side" and with that, SIDEPIECE was born!  

It wasn't hard to recruit top talent from the area and within weeks the first gigs were booked. The response was overwhelming, and the popularity continues to grow. This isn't just a cover band. The songs performed are songs you know, but done in a way you've never heard before. Each song is done with its own style and performed with enthusiasm!

Music for everyone is the genre they play. You will likely hear classic rock and country, but also hip-hop and funk! There is no real way to tell you what to expect when SIDEPIECE performs, you just have to be there and experience it for yourself!